Sunday, July 28, 2013

Granting and retrieving privileges in oracle

if we want to assign some privilege to some user say "sonu" then we can assign privilege using command GRANT

grant privilege_name on table_name to user_name;
if there are multiple privileges then seperate using commas.
in the figure it's assigning all privileges to user "sonu"

 similarly we can retrieve privilege using revoke command which is shown in the below figure.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

how to recover grub

To recover grub boot loader install Easy bcd you can download it from cnet

1. Once you have installed easy bcd open it

2.Go to option add new entry in left pan

3. Now click on tab linux /BSD

4. Select grub2 (which is latest grub boot loader) from type

5. Type any name say "my linux" which you want to display in menu

6. Click on Add entry, you will see message flashing in left bottom corner "my linux has been added successfully"

Now restart your system and enjoy.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

why should i hire you

    This is very famous HR interview question and idea behind asking this question is that they want to know your strengths. it's indirect way to ask your strength like "what are your strength". so you should tell your strengths like i am good at this and that (your technical strengths like any subjects,communication skills, fast learner etc.).

    so finally you need to tell your strengths but do not say that i am the best and you should hire me and yes do not mention so many  strengths even if you have.only tell few of them at which you are strong.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to install .tar.gz in ubuntu

For example you want to install vlc.tar.gz file in ubuntu then first you need to extract this .tar.gz file using the following command

$ tar -xvzf vlc.tar.gz

one folder will be created with name vlc, go to this folder  and now run these commands

$make install

if any dependency error message is shown then resolve that dependency and then run
$make install

Sunday, June 2, 2013

What is LPR command in linux

lpr command is used to give file for printing to the destined printer.
there are few options for lpr command

-P prints file to the named printer or give address of printer

-# sets number of copies to be printed between 1 to 100

for example
lpr -P addressofprinter -# 4 filename1 filename2

you can print multiple files at a time. number after -# is number of copies to be printed.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

What is grep command: linux

   grep command is used to search a particular pattern in the given input.
for example in snap shot.
first we display content using cat just to check file content

$cat  filename

then give any word which you want to search

$grep "string-name" filename

this displays the entire line in which this string-name appears
if you want to search case insensitve word then just put option -i

$grep -i "string-name" filename

if some word is not found in file then it displays nothing

for  more details about grep you can go to manual page entry by running

$man grep

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Accidentally Removed "/usr/sbin" : How to recover it in Linux

whenever you run rm command be carefull.first run ls and see what are the files and folders going to be deleted.then only run rm.rm * deletes all the contents in current directory.which may destroy your system.

some possibilities to recover deleted directory /usr/bin :it contains all system binary files.

1> go to rescue mode and try to restore. or upgrade using CD/DVD.
2>try copying the same directory /usr/sbin from some other operating system(prefer the same Operating System and (if possible)same version )

to copy the directory
1> go to terminal during system boot
2>run su
3>run cp xyz /usr/
where xyz is path for the directory sbin