Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to multiply columns in sql

Temp is a table containing number as column name and if you want to multiply all the values in number column..then simply run the following command.

Select exp(sum(ln(number))) from Temp;


exp(sum(ln(Number))) = exp(ln1+ln2+ln3) = exp(ln(1*2*3)) = 1*2*3 = 6

Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to delete duplicate records in sql

Delete from Student a1 where a1.rowid < (select max(rowid) from Student a2 where;


For each row in Outer query, inner query runs for complete table checking the equal condition and returns maximum row id and if this maximum row id is greater then the row-id of outer query then delete the row. and this is done for each row of outer query.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ads not by this site: How to remove

This has been very popular way to advertisement for this when you install any software using down loader after successfully installation DefaultTab.exe  gets downloaded and installed. you do not need to do anything even "next click". so people are unware of this installation when it gets installed on your system. you come to know only when you see advertisement on top and bottom of any site (tagged with "ads not by this site").
so to get rid of these..uninstall these plugin or software..

and enjoy.

Monday, July 29, 2013

How to find k th row from bottom in a table in SQL

Refer table click here for this post. Table name is emp, to display kth row from bottom
we need to run the following command

select ename,sal from emp e1 where (select count(*) from emp e2 where e1.rowid <= e2.rowid)=4;

the inner query finds the row which has 4 rows below it using rowid keyword in sql.

How to display first k rows in SQL

To display first k rows from a table make use of rownum keyword which initially has value 0 and gets incremented by one when it moves to next row.

Here is the example to display first three rows from emp table.

select *from emp where rownum < 4

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Find maximum salary in each department

we will use the table displayed below for further post unless and otherwise mentioned. table emp contains five column eno(employee number),ename(employee name),sal(employee salary),deptno(employee's department number),mgr(employee's manager number).

the below query displays name of each employee,salary and deptno who are having maximum salary in their department.

Granting and retrieving privileges in oracle

if we want to assign some privilege to some user say "sonu" then we can assign privilege using command GRANT

grant privilege_name on table_name to user_name;
if there are multiple privileges then seperate using commas.
in the figure it's assigning all privileges to user "sonu"

 similarly we can retrieve privilege using revoke command which is shown in the below figure.